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Utilizing the Power of Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

I recently spent some time with another great coach and friend of mine, Cara McCarron of Love Soldiers (and I highly recommend you check out her podcast and website at, and she not only reminded me of some things that I had forgotten about myself, but she also taught me some wonderful new things that I had never considered before.

Cara has been delving deep into masculine and feminine energy work and I am finding it very fascinating how this has all played a role in my life to this point. It is a very interesting a new way to view yourself and how you operate in various aspects of your life. I found that I have operated, to a great extent, from a very masculine perspective in many parts of my life, as I have always tended to be the driver. I didn’t really start to let go and open up into my more feminine energy until after my #ExistentialCrisis around the age of 37.

Looking back, many things changed for me when this happened. Not the least of which, at the age of 40, after 5 miscarriages with my marriage, I met the father of my son and wound up getting pregnant (with no fertility assistance and zero issues during the pregnancy), and had my ‘miracle baby’ the day after I turned 41. I don’t know if such a thing as feminine energy can explain this, but it’s definitely interesting and kind of makes sense.

This is just one instance but it really made me think of many situations where this had come up in my life and how various relationships had been affected by this energy that I was exuding. Being a pretty strong alpha female in many respects, it makes sense that I would have some masculine energy racing through my veins.

I still have lots to learn about how all of this works and how to utilize these energies to their best ability, and I encourage you to check out Cara’s podcast and her wonderful and inspiring information too. Cara is a beautiful person with an incredible energy and passion for what she does.

If you find some interesting information that you would like to share with us here, please post it to the forum or send it to me so I can let everyone know. Take care and much love to you my friend!

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