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Is Sex Really Good For You?

We all know that good sex makes you feel really great and relieves lots of tension but what else does sex actually do for you? Well, let us delve into the many ways that sex benefits us (if, of course, you are lucky enough to be having it on a regular basis that is).

Sex can certainly increase your overall mood and it also can benefit your overall health? While sex relieves tension, it is also calming your anxiety and can even be helping to alleviate feelings of depression.

Sometimes, just the act of getting dressed up (or dressed down as the case may be) for your partner and feeling sexy and sensual can increase your mood and feelings of wellbeing. And hey, try spicing things up with some fun wardrobe choices to really get things going! Make yourself feel like a $1,000,000.00

If you have ever used the excuse “not tonight honey, I have a headache!”, you may want to come up with a new excuse. Research has shown that sex and a good orgasm, in fact, can help to reduce pain and could very well be just what the doctor ordered to eliminate that very headache you had in the first place.

Not only can sex help to sooth that pesky headache, it has been shown that sex can in fact aid in overall pain management for even chronic pain. So before you pop your next painkiller-of-choice and give your liver unnecessary strain, work through your pain with some great sex instead.

This makes sense because sex is an excellent stress reliever. Not only are you getting some great energy release, but you are increasing your heart rate, limbering up your body, stretching and likely massaging and soothing your body as well.

Some additional health benefits of a healthy sex life are that it can keep your hormone levels in balance and even help your immune system. Can you imagine??? More Sex + More Orgasms = Better Immunity and Better Health (Yay!!!)

It is also true that the more sex you have, the more it boosts your libido. This is why if you feel that your sex life has stalled a bit (or a lot), it is time to just jump right in and give it a kick-start to get it going again because having sex will make you want it even more.

Having sex even counts as pretty decent exercise. If it’s done right, it can even be a great source of exercise! You can burn an average of about 5 calories per minute having sex. And once you are done having sex…you can look forward to a nice relaxing bit of shut-eye as sex also improves your sleep. Having sex also lowers your blood pressure and also lowers your risk of heart attack.

But now, having said all of this, if you’re not in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should just run out and start having random sex with just anyone who comes along to improve your health. That would likely be counter-productive to the whole process as it could leave you feeling empty and depressed and cause more anxiety and stress than not having sex at all. The whole point is to make you feel better about yourself, not worse.

If you happen to be in the single category, there is good news for you as well. Pleasuring yourself too can still have some of these health benefits; so go ahead and get your groove on! But hey, it’s always more fun when you have a partner to share in the festivities, isn’t it? So, get out there and find that special someone to get good and healthy with!

And as we age, great sex just becomes more important as our health issues become more prevalent as well. It is said that seniors can tend to have great sex lives because they have that much more free time on their hands and less external stressors. And, as embarrassing as it may be, as we get older, things like bladder control become an issue for many of us. But alas, having sex can even help to improve your bladder control! How great is that? And for men, having regular sex can potentially lessen the likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

So, in a nutshell…add an orgasm or two to the apple-a-day on your list of daily must haves and you are sure to be fit as a fiddle!

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