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Winnie the Pooh, Blood and Honey…Tell Me It Isn’t True!!!

What has this world come to when you find out the latest horror movie trailer is for Winnie the Pooh, Blood and Honey??? Seriously??? One of the greatest, most wonderful, uplifting and purest stories of our past is becoming an ugly and horrific telling of prime-evil massacre and mayhem.

The beloved A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh classic, has recently entered the public domain, which means that it is free of copyright and can be copied, duplicated, published, and distributed, or new works can be created around it without being subject to licensing and legal issues.

Of course, this can lead to many spectacular and imaginative modern-day incantations of this lovely tale for new audiences to enjoy and be introduced to our favourite little Pooh-Bear. However, we must take the good with the bad and endure the fact that the Winnie the Pooh name is being mauled and molested into becoming a heartless killer with his ever-loyal pal Piglet at his side. Rumor has it that apparently, even poor Eeyore (or at least the insinuation of Eeyore) makes a dreadful and doomed appearance in the movie, that I can’t even bring myself to discuss here because the subject matter is just too gross for words.

Now I am all for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, but do we really need to do something so horrific with one of our favourite childhood icons? What do you think of this? Would you go and see this movie? Would you find this entertaining or just plain awful? I would really like to hear your views. I find it fascinating to hear different thoughts on issues like this and how it affects people in various ways. For some, this is simply a different kind of escape, meant to be part humorous and part bone chilling (which is frankly part of their appeal…I’ve just never quite understood this because I am a huge wimp).

For me, the images this all brings up makes me feel a bit sick, as if the world is a dark, dark place. This is not the world that I want to live in. I’m all about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, but sometimes I wonder about where freedom of humanity takes us. Somehow, this became a hot story because of the attack on the senses that many people feel at the thought of this movie. This has urged the director to speed up production of the film to capitalize on the publicity that the controversy has spawned (which unfortunately I am now fueling).

While there are films such as A Clockwork Orange which I hope to never have to watch again in my life due to their equally dreadful snapshot of a very disturbing and violent society; I can at the very least acknowledge Stanley Kubrick’s accomplished telling of this story and recognize that Anthony Burgess’ story itself was a deeper look into the realms of crime and violence and their effects on the future of humanity. But even Kubrick called for his own film to be pulled from cinemas in Britain due to copycat acts of violence and the film was banned in many other countries as well. I have to wonder if we are just getting more and more desensitized as time goes on, to the extent that we are just inviting more heinous violence into our world.

But this debate will continue on as many people just feel that it is an innocent outlet and that it is far safer to have an “entertainment-based” release for such violence and aggression as opposed to it being acted upon. I’m just not so sure that the masses can handle such imagery and the abundance with which we seem to be inundated with it now in our current society.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this. I know that I am definitely on the more conservative side of this particular coin, however, I am very curious to hear your views and opinions. As always, much love to you all, and may you all stay safe, happy and healthy!

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