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How easy is it to get back into “The Game”?

Podcast Transcript

Hey all you Cats and Kittens out there! I hope you are having a wonderful day! It’s Tiffany Gordon-Paterson with the Dear Tiffany podcast and it is a very rainy day in the Greater Toronto Area today, so it’s a perfect day for a nice latté, some comfy clothes and a good chat with friends!

Today’s podcast is….

How easy is it to get back into “The Game”? and that game is of course…the dating game and the sex game!!!

So…I recently had a really great, in-depth conversation with a good friend about getting back into the dating game after the break-up of a very long marriage. She has taken lots of time to heal from the break-up and feels that she is now ready to possibly dip her toe into the dating pool. And I say “GO FOR IT!”

She has waited longer than I would have, however, I have always tended towards the “best way to get over a guy is to get under another” kind of philosophy. Which is not always the best therapy…nor is it the right fit for everyone. :0).

But after spending 20-something years with one person and having a few kids with them, the idea of slipping out of your clothes and into bed with someone is a bit of a scary concept to grapple with. For one thing, the last time you thought of getting naked in front of a perfect stranger, your body hadn’t been stretched to its limits a few times and your skin was so perfect and taut.

But as scary as it is to think of getting naked again in front of someone, just think about how much more amazing of a person you are now!!! As we were chatting, I looked at my friend and told her that she just needed to step into this amazing new chapter and own her greatness.

Here she is now, a super sexy, charismatic, witty, stunningly beautiful, confident, successful, business-woman, who can carry on a brilliant conversation, and who has a world of awesome to bring to a relationship and she just needs to OWN IT!

She has so much confidence in every other area of her life, but when it comes to getting back into bed with someone, that confidence gets lost…because we are faced with this distorted idea of what beautiful and sexy is supposed to look like. I will save this rant for another blog where I will do my very best to control my disgust over the ignorance of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s comments about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Yumi Nu…If you haven’t heard about it, she is a very beautiful plus-sized model who Dr. Jordan B. Peterson tweeted “Sorry, not beautiful” on Twitter” and then got blasted by the Twitterverse…to the point of saying he was going to back away from Twitter…but for now, I digress.

So… to this point, there are right and wrong people for everyone…and we are going to attract those people who are right for us. And it is our confidence and our attitude that adds to our attractiveness. After having a baby at 41, I am not in the shape that I would like to be in right now, but I still have a level of confidence in myself and my sexuality that goes beyond my physical appearance. It comes from within. And this was what I was trying to convey to my friend. She needs to let that inner goddess out and just step into her greatness. She deserves to be loved and to have a great relationship again. I’m just going to say it…she deserves to have some serious mind-blowing, earth-shattering, sex that will make her knees shake and her head spin for days!

My prescription for her was to get out to the lingerie shop and pick out a super-hot and sexy little lacy babydoll outfit with some fishnet thigh-highs and patent-leather heels and see how amazing she looks and feels in it and then GET HER GROOVE ON!

I know there is more to it than this, but this is definitely step one to feeling better about yourself…and I highly recommend doing this and finding that something that makes you feel good about yourself and even spending some time doing some mindfulness meditation over it and picturing your perfect intimate moment. What would it look like? What would it feel like? Who is that person that you are going to meet? You will be surprised how you will manifest it into being!

Until we meet again my friends…much love to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact me with your questions or comments. XOXO


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